The Tech Center is happy to host workshops, trainings, and meet-ups that deal with free and open technology for social change. We’ve also been known to throw a party or two. (We think even the fiercest technology justice warriors should set aside some time to have a little fun once in a while.)

On this page, you can find any upcoming events we have in the works and read about those we’ve hosted in the past. Aspiration also hosts and facilitates events around the world. If you’d like to see more about our events beyond the walls of the Tech Center, check out our Aspiration events page.

New Half-Day Trainings Announced!

Aspiration has just announced two new half-day trainings at the Tech Center in July. These are being offered to all nonprofit and social justice activists and staff at no cost, and are designed to give time for more hands-on, …
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New Online Seminar Added for June!

This just in: Aspiration has added one more no-cost online seminar to our slate this month! Wherever in the world you’re logging in from, we know you’ll find this and all of our online seminars engaging and informative.…
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Online Seminars in May and June

If you can’t make it to the Tech Center for one of our live trainings, we have fabulous interactive online seminars for nonprofits available at no cost! Whether you’re in your bathrobe logging in right from your kitchen table or …
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